Our holidays usually have a mixture of singles and couples taking part, often with people inviting friends and family along too. Everyone made welcome!

Everyone can take part on Social Group Holidays!

Obviously, our holidays where you ‘join in with a group’ are ideal for single people looking for other people to go on holiday with. But we’ve had lots of couples go on our holidays as well. Some are married couples who we have not met previously. Some have met through The Social Group and enjoy taking part with everyone else. Some were single people who met on one of our previous Social Group Holidays and enjoyed it so much they wanted to do another with the group.

Of course, when you are in a couple, it’s often nice to have the day to yourself, but it can also be nice to have a group of people to meet up and socialise with for dinner in the evenings. Some days you might enjoy doing your own thing. Other days you might enjoy joining in with an excursion or activity.

Sometimes, we also get two sisters or two brothers taking part, and often people invite friends and family to join us. Everyone is made welcome. The more the merrier!

Over the years, we have been contacted by numerous couples where one of them likes to do one thing and one of them prefers to do something different. On Social Group Holidays, it’s nice for there to be other people to do things with. We’ve also had one spouse come with us on a holiday, while their husband or wife is at home, knowing they are safe to travel with our ‘group of friends’. Sometimes one of them is looking after relatives, sometimes one of them is away in the forces, and sometimes one of them cannot fly for medical reasons. We are trusted to take people on holiday with our group and look after them. It’s been nice to be there for people and be able to help.

You’ll have a great time on a Social Group Holiday!

Everyone loves Social Group Holidays!